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The creative industry is

full of opportunities

The creative industry is full of opportunities

But there’s no denying those opportunities come easier to some than others. 88.6% of creative industry jobs are filled by white people, for example. Young people are struggling to get a foot in the door, and have been disproportionately

impacted by the economic fallout of the pandemic. And many creatives who were working, have since lost their jobs or are struggling to find work that fits with their new normal.

We’re on a mission to

create more opportunities

for people of all backgrounds

We’re on a mission to create more opportunities for people of all backgrounds

We love people. We want to see a creative industry full of diverse voices who have the encouragement and support to reach their potential. Because when people are given the opportunity to shine, everyone reaps the rewards.

Mozzington is a melting pot of experience, youth and passion who want to work differently, grow professionally and contribute to society. We are looking for new and innovative ways to recruit and create opportunities, at the same time as building the type of creative workforce brands need to solve the business challenges of today.

When we work with brands, we create economic opportunities for the people in our community. People who work on projects are paid a ‘liveable wage’ - enough money to thrive, not just survive.

The foundation of our flexible, ever-evolving team is a diverse group of people who are mentored and trained by the Mozzington community.

This is a new kind of

creative economy

One where everyone’s value is recognised and nurtured. It’s a self-regenerative, no-waste system that’s driven by a very simple belief: happy people makes for better work.

Happier People

Individuals who are empowered with the money, confidence and skills to do their jobs well and contribute to society.

Happier Clients

Industry experienced ‘Seniors’ support, train and mentor our growing band of ‘Juniors’. We share our knowledge, best practices and ways of working to be more effective and happier in how we work and when we work.

Better Work

Higher quality, more impactful work born from economic safety, self-belief and nurtured skillsets.