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Work, life and the

pursuit of happiness

Big Dreams

Hello, awesome person with big dreams and talent to spare! Mozzington was created for you, and we’re so glad you’re here.


We’re all about opening up more opportunities in the creative industry for you to make money, grow professionally and share your gifts with the world.

Happy Life

Because we believe everyone deserves to build a safe and happy life for themselves, and contribute to society through the work they do.

With the right opportunities

people can do anything

More than an agency, we’re a community - diverse specialists and apprentices from the world of branding, communications and design.

We each bring different skills, perspectives and experiences to the table, and Mozzington is where we come together under the shared belief that given the right opportunities and support, people are capable of amazing things.

We work with brands who care about people, on projects that require skills just like yours. Whether you’re a designer, SEO expert, illustrator, brand strategist, e-commerce specialist, web developer, animation director or anything else - Mozzington’s mission is to create economic and professional opportunities for you to thrive.

Work in the way that

works for you

We’re saying buh-bye to burn out culture and hello to working in a way that works for us.

Want to work three days a week? Maybe mornings make you shudder, and you’re a night owl all the way? Are you the kind of person that likes to bounce ideas off other people, or do you need your space to think?

Whatever your working style and needs, Mozzington is the place for you. We seek to pair people up with the right clients and projects that allow you to work at your best


What you get

With Mozzington

Work-life balance

Flexible hours and supportive ways of working to help you work at your happiest.

Liveable wage

Economic and professional opportunities that pay enough money to make sure you can thrive, not just survive.

Mentoring & training

Access to professional mentorship and training, and the chance to get paid for mentoring and training others.

Referral scheme

A client referral scheme that rewards you for bringing opportunities to the Mozzington community.