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We love hearing from like minded people. Whether you’re a brand interested in working with us, a talented creative who wants to join our team or a freelancer looking for their next project. Follow the link below and say hi if you’d like to build something great together.

What makes for a truly great
project? I think it all boils down
to happy people.

I’ve worked on banks, bars and bras, on launching new products and refreshing old brands. Created internal and external campaigns for planes, trains and automobiles, engaged with customers of consumer goods, service providers, charities and governments. No matter what, the best projects are the ones where people bring their best selves to their work.

I love what I do, I love the creative industry and the opportunities it has given me, but I also know it can be so much better. Those opportunities aren’t as available to some as they are to others, and that the pandemic has had a lasting impact on lives and livelihoods in our community.

I started Mozzington because I always hope for more. Our mission is to create more economic and professional opportunities in the creative industry. This is me placing place my hope in our collective ability to create opportunities for people and I get real joy in seeing the impact this can bring on them, their communities and the world around us.

Together, we’re creating a more diverse and dynamic creative economy, one that values every person for the gifts they can contribute and upholds our community’s happiness as the ultimate goal.